Class Descriptions


Yoga Flow where we build up strength and focus on releasing any stress or tension in the body. Each week has a specific focus, e.g. neck & shoulders, hips, lower back, balance, strength & twists. A mix of strong standing postures and some lovely stretches while we pay attention to our breathing and bring more awareness into our practice.


Vinyasa Flow where we focus on flowing mindfully from one posture to another while connecting the breath to the movement. Powerful, “Feel Good” Full-body flow mixed with sequences of Sun Salutations and strong standing postures in order to build heat, energy and strength in our body.


Gentle flow to relax and unwind at the end of your day/week. Calm the mind, release any tension in the body and set the tone for the weekend.
Slow/gentle flow, lovely stretches and relaxation at the end. Ideal for beginners or for those of you who want to move at a slower pace and listen better to the body.