About Ukiyo yoga

Hi I’m Silja – Welcome!

My name is Silja Hrund Einarsdóttir and I am the person behind Ukiyo yoga

I finished my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 and have been teaching yoga since then


Practicing yoga has taught me so much (both on & off the mat) and as a certified yoga teacher I feel so grateful to be able to share my passion and guide you through my online yoga classes from my own little home yoga studio


Yoga for me is a powerful tool to tune into my body and breath, calm the mind, find my inner strength, release any tension in my body and bring peace to my soul.

For me it’s a practice of paying attention, be more aware and stay present in the moment

I remember when I took my first Vinyasa Yoga class, then I realized that I had never felt my mind so quiet and so focused. As someone who did not easily know how to calm their mind – this was completely new for me.

After that class I was feeling calm and relaxed but at the same time energized, strong and focused. I felt so deeply that I wanted more of exactly this feeling and decided to bring more yoga into my daily routine


Remember that yoga can be whatever you want it to be. All you have to do is show up, be present and take it one breath at a time

Let’s move, breathe and flow together in a soft but strengthening way!


My Trainings & Qualifications :

200hr Yoga Teacher Training w/ Echo Flow Yoga – November 2020
30hr Art of Sequncing w/ Jason Crandell – October 2021
40hr Yin Embodied Teacher Training w/ Asami Martens – December 2021
Anatomy of Emotion w/ Janet Stone Yoga – September 2021


Silja // Ukiyo yoga